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Audio Mixing - it's not for wimps

Captured a bunch of footage at the camp visitors day on my Note 9; great video, relatively good audio pickup, although it doesn't hold a candle to the microphones on any of the LG V-series phones. Didn't know I was going to be recording a lot of ambient sound (thunderstorm coming in), so I didn't bring any good microphones, or a V-something from LG.

Anyway, learned a lot in Final Cut Pro over the last two hours; set a ton of keyframes in the audio from the phone to boost the thunder, duck the random noise. Also set a background audio track from Steve Roach; I knew I bought that album a decade ago for a reason (Dust to Dust, 1998); that meant more ducking to drop the music track and let the listener hear the thunder roll. Helped even out the disjointed field sound - the first portion is ambient audio of thunder, then the rain came in hard and heavy, with a lot of kids speaking very loudly. Drop that audio level 18dB! Funnily enough I was able to start and end the video with thunder rolling on the audio track (Rain and Creosote).

The final result? Hear for yourself; put some good headphones on and take a listen:


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