• Will England

Composition - using lines

Setting up your shot and using the existing architectural elements can help draw the eye into the photo or highlight your subject. I like straight lines; single point and 2 point perspective. Any time I can compose a photo using lines I'll take that shot. Some come out fair, others excellent. Why Lines?

Straight lines are not normally found in nature - only man made structures have a series of straight lines disappearing into the distance. Using lines gives the human touch, allowing the viewer to see the human element in the architectural noise of daily life.

Image of motorcycle dealership showroom
Motorcycle Dealership Photo using single point perspective to emphasize the quantity of bikes available.

Ducati parked in an industrial parking garage; the forced perspective draws the viewer back to the motorcycle

Interested in having your business photographed, or a set of photos created for a classic, custom or unique vehicle to show off or to sell? Drop me a line at will@willengland.com; we'll find a time to get you set up!

- Will England, Lensman

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