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Event Photography During Pandemic!

W&N Photography specializes in outdoor event and sports photography, capturing the essence of your event while remaining unobtrusive. No poses, no big rig lights, and backgrounds, just core photography principles. But, most events have been postponed, canceled, or restricted to a half dozen people. We were invited to capture a special Boy Scout Court of Honor last weekend during the pandemic - and they were ready! Properly social distanced, masks on everyone, limited attendance - although the troop had four new Eagle Scouts to celebrate, there were still quite a few people. They hosted the event in an outdoor pavilion; lighting will always be tricky when shooting under the shade with the brightly lit field behind the subject. We recruited your humble author and new photography assistant, Alec, to run the still camera while I covered the live stream and two video cameras. Take a look a the gallery, enjoy the images!

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