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It's not always the hardware

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Some of your greatest photos will come from the simplest hardware; it's a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Modern cell phones have some of the best cameras around if you're close enough to get the capture. Trekking waterproof cameras run a tiny sensor and marginal optics - but they're light, durable and with you, as opposed to the 6 pound bag of DSLR, lenses, flashes, battery grips and more.

Example - this simple photo was taken on a Canon point and shoot, the Powershot D30.

Boy Scout crossing a tree across a creek at Philmont Scout Ranch
Philmont Water Crossing, June 2016; Photo by Will England of W&N Photography, Canon Powershot D30 full auto.

That's not a terrible photo right there; a bit flat on the exposure and the cropping could be tighter. A few minutes in Photoshop to crop it to a nice 5x7 desk photo, tweaking the histogram and punching up the contrast you end up with:

Boy Scout crossing a creek while another watches on for safety, Philmont 2016
Cropped and edited photo of Scouts crossing a creek

A bit better - you can also run a slew of effects, from B&W to sepia to brush-strokes to the image, regardless of what you captured it with. The key though, is to always have some camera with you and ready to go!

I hope you've enjoyed this article - leave your thoughts in the comments!

- Will England

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