• Will England

Preview of SM West at SMEF Breakfast

Shawnee Mission West Band was privileged to be invited to perform for the Shawnee Mission Education Foundation Fall Breakfast. I was please to be invited to photograph the event for the band. A sample of the images is on my Flickr page:

Even with low light, you can capture the spirit of the moment; this was shot on the old T3i with the Tamron 18-270 lens; most of the photos were pushing ISO 1600 or 3200. The on-camera flash worked well enough to capture snapshots of a fast moving group activity. Would an external flash have helped? Possibly - it does throw farther and brighter, but it may have blown out the small group shots. Mostly - it's about keeping the camera locked to your body and stable even for longer exposures.

Interested in having your group activity documented? Reach out and schedule time with W&N Photography or myself!

- Will England

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