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SSL Errors on your Wordpress Portfolio Site?

Yeah - happens quite a bit. Some of the content is served over HTTPS; some of the uploaded images or CSS files server over HTTP.

What's that all mean? HTTPS - the "S" indicates the connection is secure and encrypted and no one between you and the site owner should be able to see the traffic. Good for general privacy, and excellent if you're transmitting logins, money, credit card info etc. But some times, you'll get a broken lock:

That means that even though your main site is on HTTPS some parts are not. You have a wide variety of ways to check if your're a code kinda person; if not, just point your browser to https://www.whynopadlock.com and paste in your URL. They'll give you a free analysis of any HTTPS problems.

To resolve the problem in the simplest way possible, I suggest (and have just used) 'SSL Insecure Content Fixer' by WebAware. Navigate to Plugins, add new, search for that, and install it.

SSL Content Fixer has a good collection of settings. I found that to get all of my mixed content SSL errors fixed, I had to select 'Capture', which inspects every request amd flips it to HTTPS if it's not already HTTPS.

Here are the settings pack I chose for one of my websites in the SSL Insecure Content Fixer:

I hope this post will help someone else suffering from 'mixed content errors' over HTTPS on their Wordpress site!

- Will England

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