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Stabilize Clip in Davinci Resolve 16

Been shooting handheld for a couple of environmental shots this week, and they're a bit bouncy. Yes, that was the style in the 90s - 'shaky cam' but it doesn't look professional, especially for environmental shots (rain, bird song, etc). Thus, we should (a) use a tripod to get the shot stable, and (b) use our software tools to stabilize the video. This brief tutorial off of YouTube covers the basic stabilization of a single clip quite well. If you need further motion changes - Resolve has those tools too.

Today, though, we're just looking at how to stabilize a single clip.

So there's that. Click 'Stabaliez' on the clip inspector, choose your options and see what works. High CPU cost; 24 second video took over 2 minutes on a Mid-2017 Macbook Pro with quad-core I7. (need more cores man!)

Until later,

Your humble scribe,

Will England24-second

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