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Troop 387 60th Anniversary

I was fortunate to be invited to participate and photograph the 60th anniversary of Boy Scout Troop 387. The event was held during their Scout Sunday - the Sunday the scouts participate and attend church services at their sponsoring church.

Since we were in church service, I had to use 'stealth' photography; very quiet, very out of the way, long zooms and no flash. Thus, significant work in Post to sort out lighting, colors, more.

Thankfully, we had the Canon 90D shooting through a Sigma 18-300 zoom lens; worked out relatively well.

The best of the shots are in our gallery -

Enjoy the photos, but all rights are reserved by W&N Photography. If you'd like a full resolution digital image, print or different crop on an image, please contact us for your request!

- Will England, W&N Photography

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