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Wilderness Photography - Leave No Trace

Not even footprints! We've all heard in the news lately the damage photographers and selfie shooters are doing to the once in a lifetime blooms in California - even to the extent of landing a helicopter in the flower patch! " We often talk about “leaving no trace” in the outdoors. You don't take anything from the wilderness, pack out whatever your brought with you and minimize your disruption to the environment. However, our footsteps are a trace too." The Sony Alpha blog has a great article and photos about leaving no trace while conducting wilderness outdoor photography - worth a read, courtesy Nikki England, Principle of W&N Photography

In the Kansas City Area most of the arboretums, public gardens and even parks have forbidden professional photography or imposed high charges on use of certain areas because of the damage 'professional' photographers have done in setting up their shoots. Tread lightly; use the least equipment you can get away with; don't come in looking like GI Photo with your vest-o-lenses and rolly cart of lights, batteries and flashyboards. Be cool, be part of the environment and capture your subject naturally, without a studio full of crap set up all over the sidewalk or in the garden beds.

Chanelle, Circa 1990, captured on Minolta Maxim 5i, Kodak roll film ASA 400, F4.5

Be lightweight in what you carry, use your eyes to find the right place to shoot, and capture the moment, not the pose. And mind where you step - tread only on durable surfaces and leave not even a footprint behind.

-- Will England, Lensman

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