• Will England

Will England - Lensman is no more

Shutters, by Andrea Kirkby, CC BY-NC 2.0 2008

I have removed the Facebook page for Will England - Lensman, as it was essentially a repost of content provided here first. You'll be able to find me on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with my personal photography.

For the Photography business we will be promoting our family business, W&N Photography. From portraits to events, candid shots and sports, we are an excellent choice for professional photography in the Kansas City Metro area. We focus on outdoor and action events, capturing the moment that will last forever on your mantel.

On the page, you'll continue to see tech tips, gear reviews, ideas, stories about photography, hints and guides in getting going in Photography as I learn more from my wife and my mentors in Photographic styles, techniques and tools!

I thank you my humble readers for your attention, comments and ideas!

With regards,

Will England of W&N Photography

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