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Worst Case Scenario - lens test

You're shooting indoors. Under compact florescent lights. And you're way back in the back so you are pushing your budget consumer zoom lens to the max - you blew your budget on a new camera body, so no new glass for you! Your two super-zoom consumer budget lenses are the Tamron 18-270 (vintage 2017) and the slightly newer Sigma 18-300 (vintage 2019). You've got the sierra-hotel new Canon 90d body, which helps with the ISO a bit. So, which lens survives in a worst case scenario of bad light and high zoom? Let's take a look:

These are 100% crops of the same section of contrasty kitchen towel, both shot under the same lights, same camera body and settings, just swapped lenses. I set the Sigma to 'best guess' for 270mm to make it fair; got pretty close. Data:

Tamron: 270mm at f/6.3, 1/320 second at ISO 12,800; Sigma: 276mm at f/6.3, 1/250 second at ISO 12,800.

It's really quite clear that the Sigma budget consumer super zoom lens is clearer than the similar Tamron. An interesting result from this budget test.

Enjoy your new year!

Will England - Lensman

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